Driver tapped for 'Re\Visioned' Raider


NEW YORK -- Minnie Driver has signed on to voice Lara Croft in the Tomb Rader-focused season of "Re\Visioned," an online animated series debuting July 10 on GameTap, Turner Broadcasting's broadband entertainment network.

"Re\Visioned" will run in ten installments with a new one debuting on GameTap every week through August 23. The series will focus on artists reinterpreting the Tomb Raider heroine, who was played by Angelina Jolie in two films and will now be personified by Driver.

"Minnie Driver really does have a fabulous voice," said Ricardo Sanchez, GameTap's vp of content. "She's had experience doing animation as well, which was good. She was perfect."

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider franchise, GameTap is also presenting a documentary about the game on its site and it released the newest installment, "Tomb Raider: Anniversary," for sale on the site on June 5, the same day it was first available in stores.

Other artists and writers contributing to the series include animator Peter Chung ("Aeon Flux," "The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury"), British writer Warren Ellis, comic book writer Gail Simone and comic book artists Jim Lee and Cully Hamner. Each have their own take on Croft.

Simone's installment will showcase Croft as a 12-year-old girl, Ellis' episode is "horror-tinged," said Sanchez, while Chung will marry his style, popularized by "Aeon Flux," to the Tomb Raider franchise.

The second season of "Re\Visioned," will be more "lighthearted" with a focus on "a group of video games," said Sanchez, and should premiere in the early winter.

On May 31, GameTap changed part of its site to a free ad-supported business model, whereas before it was all subscriber-based. The free section includes a rotating schedule of 30 games and GameTap TV, which will house "Re\Visioned."