'Drop Dead Diva': Season Three Premiere Is Packed with Stars

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime)

Where we left off: Season 3 picks up with Jane (Brooke Elliott), who in the finale was about to tell Grayson (Jackson Hurst) her secret, waiting for him to wake up from his comatose state after being struck by a car.

Premiere date: Sunday, June 19 at 9 p.m.

LeAnn Rimes, Paula Abdul, Mario Lopez, and Wendy Williams make appearances on Sunday's premiere episode.

Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva returns Sunday with its season premier, and a few guest stars are helping the legal-based dramedy kick off season three.

Paula Abdul returns as the voice of reason for protagonist Jane Bingum (played by Brooke Elliott). LeAnn Rimes appears as the estranged wife of a reckless Hollywood actor, whom Jane is defending from a hit-and-run charge. Talk show host Wendy Williams and Mario Lopez also make appearances, and the cast will be involved in a dance number, according to the show’s official website.

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A number of celebrities have already done guest spots on the show, and Lifetime has announced season three won't be lacking star poawer. Scheduled season three guest stars include Brandy, Wanda Sykes, Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken.

Lifetime is rolling out a social media campaign to get fans excited for Sunday’s season premiere. Diva star Jackson Hurst (@jaxhurst) will be tweeting from his personal account, according to the official Drop Dead Diva’s Blog, and the show’s Twitter account (@DropDeadDiva)will be active throughout the episode as well.

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Drop Dead Diva premiered in 2009, and tells the story of a model, who through a twist of supernatural fate, ends up in the body of a brilliant, plus-sized lawyer.