Hair Wars: Drybar Launches Products and Styling Tools to Use at Home

The $35-a-pop blowout salon chain launches a line of hair products, flatirons and dryers for those who dare to try taming their tresses at home.

Those of us who visit Drybar for a weekly (nay, daily) $35-a-pop blowout will be thrilled to know that founder Alli Webb has expanded the brand’s offerings to include a 17-piece product line available in Drybar salons and Sephora locations, available now.

The line consists of nine hair products and seven styling tools bearing clever monikers similar to those of the bar-themed hair services offered in each salon (Cindy Crawford and Kristin Chenoweth are regulars ) -- think "Happy Hour" shampoo and conditioner, "Southern Belle" volumizing mousse and "Detox" dry shampoo. The products ($20-$33) come in sweet pastel packaging, while the styling tools ( $15-$190) are emblazoned with the same yellow and grey motif seen at Drybar's 30 locations across the country.

“I just couldn’t find what we were looking for to meet our very specific and rigorous demands," Webb tells THR, mentioning that she collaborated with former Laura Mercier Cosmetics CEO Janet Gurwitch to create the products.

With Webb's company churning out 50,000 blowouts a month, she's learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the perfect blown-out coif. 

“Our top selling item so far is our signature blow dryer, 'Buttercup,'" Webb says of the bright yellow, $190 dryer, adding that $33 "Hot Toddy" heat protectant/frizz fighter is another product on the most-popular list.

Though Webb’s blowout empire is rapidly expanding (in the last few months she's opened locations in Pasadena and Santa Monica, with a new No Cal shop scheduled to debut April 5), celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Rachel Zoe are following the demand for expressly blown out and styled hair by opening their own versions in New York and L.A.

“It's a very big market, and we welcome the competition,” She says. “We spend an extraordinary amount of time and energy on the quality of our experience and training of our stylists, which is not something easily duplicated.”

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