DS, Wii sales drive Nintendo profit gains


TOKYO -- Nintendo's latest results, released Thursday, underlined its dominance of the gaming market as profits nearly doubled to $2.4 billion on sales of $12.35 billion over the last nine months of 2007.

The Kyoto-based game-specialist sold more than 14 million Wii consoles worldwide and 24.5 million portable DS units over the period.

Nearly 65 million DS machines have been sold globally since its launch in December 2004. The Wii has sold more than 20 million units since it hit the market in 2006.

Figures released this week by game magazine publisher Famitsu showed titles for Nintendo consoles taking nine of the top 10 slots in the best-selling games list of 2007.

Many of the most popular games, such as "Wii Sports" and "Wii Fit," as well as "Super Mario" and "Pokemon" games for the DS, are produced by Nintendo itself, boosting profitability.

The company has raised its sales estimate for the full year ending March 31 to $15.3 billion (1.63 trillion yen) but left its profit forecast at $2.6 billion (275 billion yen).