DTS has new digital image

Plans to sell dedicated cinema unit

DTS, the publicly traded entertainment technology company founded in 1990 and widely known for its DTS multichannel cinema audio technology, plans to announce today at ShoWest additional details of the structure of its DTS Digital Cinema division.

The unit, which DTS Digital Cinema president Bill Neighbors said would have a single focus on servicing the industry transition to digital cinema, was formed last month, combining DTS' cinema and digital images divisions. DTS plans to sell the dedicated Digital Cinema unit.

"The announced split from our corporate parent last month will allow DTS Inc.'s individual businesses to each focus on what they do best," he said.

Added Don Bird, senior vp corporate strategy and business development at DTS Digital Cinema, "We know our way through digital exhibition and we've been actively building our organization and capabilities over the last several years."

For example, in 2005, DTS acquired digital restoration company Lowry Digital Images. In 2006, the company acquired Digital Booking Systems, a web-based application that allows exhibitors to manage their operation. Also in 2006, the company acquired the exclusive rights to develop and market Avica Technology's line of products, including the Avica FilmStore digital cinema player and theater management system.

As a result, DTS Digital Cinema has established two product and service groups. The Content Services group supports content owners by offering image processing, digital content preparation and delivery services, accommodating motion picture releases, pre-show advertising and alternative content.

DTS Digital Cinema's Theater Systems group was created to offer a bridge between traditional and digital cinema business models. This includes integrating theater media management systems for receiving, scheduling and exhibiting digital content.

The process for the sale of DTS Digital Cinema has started and is expected to conclude later this year.