Dubai Film Fest: Eva Longoria Backs Obama's Immigration Reform

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The actress actively is campaigning and constantly tweeting support, though not without controversy She angered Mitt Romney supporters by retweeting a quote calling him “racist” and “misogynistic” (She later deleted it and apologized).

The actress says we've had a "do-nothing" Congress

With 24 states — almost half the U.S. — now suing Barack Obama’s federal government over its executive action on immigration reform, Eva Longoria says she backs the president's move, designed to spare millions living illegally from deportation.

Speaking at the Dubai International Film Festival, the actress — who is from the state of Texas, which is leading the coalition against Obama's measures — said that it was "imperative" that the immigration reforms took place.

"Immigration reform is a global problem. Every country has issues with immigrant labor and industries being dependent on them," she said. "But we have had a 'do nothing' Congress, and I fully support the president’s immigration reform. People have to understand the history of immigration in the United States."

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Longoria has long talked about the issues of immigration. In November, at the New York premiere of the documentary Food Chains, which looks at the lives of tomato farm workers in Florida and on which Longoria was executive producer, she told Fox News Latino that something needed to be done.

"I do think that some action needs to be taken, and if Congress isn’t willing to do it, we need to explore all options," she said.

Speaking to Latina Magazine in August, she said she was disappointed that the debate was often being led by those who didn't understand the situation.

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"I just wish people would view this with a lens of compassion, and at the same time, educate themselves on ignorant statements like, 'These people come here to suck dry our social services.' That’s not true."

Longoria’s first Spanish-speaking role, the Michael Berry-directed Frontera, was set on the Arizona-Mexico border and tackled issues of immigration. Released earlier in the year, it also starred Ed Harris and Michael Pena.

A regular visitor to Dubai, Longoria is attending the 11th edition of the film festival to host the Global Gift Gala charity event to be held Sunday evening.