'Duck Dynasty': Sarah Palin Says Show Should Ditch A&E for Sportsman Channel

Darren McCollester/Getty Images
Sarah Palin

"Maybe 'Duck Dynasty' needs to scoot on over to that new network to charge some things up there, and I’m sure they’d be welcome with open arms," the former governor of Alaska tells Sean Hannity.

Sarah Palin was one of the first major figures on the political right to defend Phil Robertson from A&E executives who indefinitely suspended him. Apparently she wasn't through, and Thursday night on the Fox News Channel she'll suggest that Duck Dynasty ditch A&E and head instead to the Sportsman Channel, where the former Republican vice presidential candidate will have her own reality TV show soon.

"A&E, they were absolute quacks on this one," Palin says on Hannity on the Fox News Channel tonight. "They really screwed up."

She continues: "Our new show that's coming to Sportsman Channel, I was thinking about that this morning, too. Maybe Duck Dynasty needs to scoot on over to that new network to charge some things up there, and I'm sure they'd be welcome with open arms."

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In the pre-taped show, Palin also makes fun of the A&E marketing department's new slogan, "Be original," and she blasts the network for, as she sees it, trampling on Robertson's free speech and religious convictions.

"So many American families have spilled blood and treasure to guarantee Phil Robertson and everybody else's right to voice their personal opinions, and once that freedom is lost … everything is lost in our country," Palin says.

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"They live out a traditional Judeo-Christian ethic that our nation is founded upon, and I think that that not only is refreshing, but it's bold," she says of the Robertson family. "If they can do it and be so popular and not as mocked and criticized -- perhaps until now -- as others have been, well, then the rest of us can do it, too … and that's going to strengthen our country."

A&E placed Robertson on indefinite hiatus because he said in a GQ magazine profile that homosexuality was a sin not unlike adultery and bestiality.

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