Dude du Jour: James Marsden Looks Cool in Blue

The Best of Me James Marsden - P 2014
AP Images

The Best of Me James Marsden - P 2014

Hello, handsome

The Dress: A cerulean blue suit by London-based label Thom Sweeney.

The Wearer: Actor James Marsden, who was styled by Ilaria Urbinati.

The Event: The red carpet for The Best of Me L.A. premiere on Tuesday.

Why We Dig: Marsden might not be a model anymore (he once posed for Versace), but we still like to think of him as major eye candy. Whether it's a tweed suit or sleek tux, Marsden continues to bring his A-game on the carpet. This time around, the hunky star wore a flattering blue suit that complemented his mesmerizing blue eyes (swoon!). The 41-year-old actor knocks it out of the park with the purple-striped shirt and Givenchy shoes.