Dude Du Jour, TIFF Edition: Tom Hardy

AP/ Invision
Hardy at 'The Drop' premiere at TIFF on Sept. 5

At the TIFF premiere of 'The Drop,' Tom Hardy shows us how to go from solid to stylish with one simple suit

Tom Hardy is poised for stardom. The 36 year-old British actor is somewhat known to American audiences, with his most notable roll being Batman’s nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises. But now that he’s made his Toronto debut alongside the late James Gandolfini in the gritty crime drama The Drop, it’s likely Hardy is about to become a household name.

With a chiseled face and major build, Hardy appropriately plays a tough Brooklyn bar tender – with an everyman style to match. And pictures of Hardy off-duty show that his regular fashion sense isn’t much different, with trainers, jeans, T-shirts and tattoos comprising his standard uniform. But when Hardy showed up to TIFF, he dappered himself up in the most major of ways. And we couldn’t help but wonder how to get the “everyman” in our life to trade his sports gear for a perfectly cut suit that still lets his inner tough guy shine through.

“The key thing is to feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing,” says Dan Rookwood, the US editor of Mr. Porter who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to gentlemanly dressing. “You won’t see Tom Hardy dressing up in some avant-garde outre outfit. Nor will he dress in like he’s in a boy band. But he’s no slouch when it comes to dressing up. He wears a suit well.”

Rookwood attributes Hardy’s style success to fit, saying that a man of his build has to get his suits tailored just so. But his biggest secret is that confidence, which truly shows in whatever Hardy wears.

“You get the sense that he won’t wear anything he’s not comfortable with,” Rookwood says. “He also proves you don’t necessarily have to stick to a rigid look – you can wear a suit one day and bomber jacket and sneakers the next.”

So how can regular Joe’s infuse a bit of polsihed-yet-tough-guy cool into their own wardrobes?

“Edit out those items that look slobby such as old sneakers or ill-fitting shirts. If you don’t own them, you can’t wear them. And then build a wardrobe based on good quality workwear with heritage brands, which have a resolutely masculine aesthetic,” suggests Rookwood, adding that every man should own “reliable, hard-wearing staples that will elevate a tough guy’s look without compromising his image.”

Compromised image? Heaven forbid.


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