'Dumplin'' Star Luke Benward Talks Possible Netflix Sequel

The Netflix film, also starring Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald, is an adaptation of the Julie Murphy novel of the same name.

Actor Luke Benward has been garnering attention online for his role as Bo in the Netflix dramedy Dumplin’, starring alongside Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald, ever since the film made its debut on the streaming platform last December. 

Dumplin', an adaptation of the Julie Murphy novel of the same name, tells the story of a teenager, Willowdean “Dumplin’” Dickson (Macdonald), who is the daughter of a former beauty pageant queen Rosie (Aniston). When Willowdean signs up for her mother’s pageant in protest, other contestants who don’t fit the mold of your typical “pageant girl” follow in her footsteps to lead a revolution in their small town.

Benward’s character, Bo, who works with Willowdean at the local diner and becomes her love interest, resonated with the actor due to his “honest and raw” relationship with the film’s lead.

“I was really refreshed, honestly, to get this boyfriend – the boy-next-door love interest – who isn’t just a monotone side character,” he told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio.  

“He’s a very pivotal character, and he’s very dynamic, and has these beautiful scenes with Willowdean that are so honest and raw and are truly the through line of the main story, which is accept yourself,” he added.

With the success of Netflix’s foray into romantic comedies, including To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, for which a sequel was previously announced, could Dumplin’ be next in the sequel department?

“I know that there is a sequel in the books. She just wrote Puddin’, and I believe the lead of that would be Maddie Baillio’s character, Millie, but I haven’t received any news that it’s actually going to production. I just know there is a template for it, but we’ll see in this next year,” Benward told THR.

Watch the video above to hear Benward discuss working with Macdonald, working with Nicolas Cage on his next film, Grand Isle, and more.