Duncan Kenworthy donates $1 mil to NFTS

Film and TV school benefits from U.K. producer generosity

LONDON -- British movie producer Duncan Kenworthy is donating $1 million to the National Film And Television School to help pay for a new campus teaching building, the school said.

Kenworthy, whose credits include "Four Weddings And A Funeral," "Notting Hill" and "Love, Actually," will attend an opening ceremony at the NFTS site in Beaconsfield on the outskirts of London on June 11.

At Kenworthy's request, the building will be named after 93-year-old British cinematographer Oswald Morris, whose credits include "Oliver!," "The Man Who Would Be King," "Our Man In Havana," "Fiddler On the Roof" and "The Guns of Navarone." Morris continues to attend the NFTS as a guest lecturer on photography in film.

The dollar donation comes at a challenging time for the NFTS, as some of its broadcaster-funders cut their support.

Kenworthy told THR he wanted to encourage the next generation of filmmakers to have an opportunity to learn the craft.

Morris said: "I sincerely hope that it will produce a thriving community of new and talented filmmakers to surpass past icons. It is most important in my view that they learn their craft from top to bottom. Even today, with all the technology at their disposal, they have to understand that there are no short cuts to filmmaking."
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