'Dunkirk' Team Reveals What Christopher Nolan Said After Oscar Win

"He was filled with good energy when I saw him," Gary A. Rizzo told THR.


The men behind Dunkirk’s award-winning sound reveal to The Hollywood Reporter what it was like working with director Christopher Nolan, and what he told them after their Oscar win Sunday night.

Gary A. Rizzo and Mark Weingarten, along with Gregg Landaker, won best sound mixing for their work on Dunkirk, while Richard King and Alex Gibson took home best sound editing. Weingarten called working on the film a “very tough shoot” that was “very physically difficult,” but they couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

“It was such a fun experience, the entire thing was so engrossing and we all got into the history of the time,” King told THR.

The men also recall what a typical day working with Nolan on the film was like, calling it “magical.”

“He’s a family guy; he likes to work regular hours. We don’t do crazy overtime,” Rizzo said. “He’s about getting it right to his expectation the first time and then we move on and we conquer the next goal.”  

Weingarten added, “It’s kind of similar in production in that he doesn’t do a lot of takes. He does try to get it right the first time or second or third time. It’s rare you go more than five or six takes, as I recall.”

After taking home Oscars for their work on Dunkirk, they revealed what the director had to say after their big moment. “’You did a really great job and you deserve this,’” Weingarten quoted Nolan.

“He was filled with good energy when I saw him,” Rizzo added.