Duo place their bets on Vegas-set 'Sins'


Producers Moritz Borman and Peter Graves have licensed film rights to the novel "The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending" from Las Vegas entrepreneur Fabrizio Boccardi's King Midas World Entertainment.

Jon Land's action thriller, published last month by Tom Doherty Associates' Forge imprint, centers on a Las Vegas casino owner, Michael "The Tyrant" Tiranno, the adopted son of an Italian crime lord who is called upon to defend the gambling mecca from terrorist attacks.

Land has said that the character is loosely inspired by Boccardi's life story and is designed as the first of a series of James Bond-like adventure tales.

Graves said the thriller's protagonist "is not your normal lead; he's a little off-center, a little unusual."

Added Moritz, "It's the kind of book that lends itself to a franchise."

Borman would produce, with Graves serving as exec producer. The two have similar roles on the upcoming "W" and "Terminator: Salvation." Boccardi will serve as a producer on the film. Once they assemble more elements, they plan to approach a studio.

The globe-trotting novel takes its title from a fictional casino/ hotel called the Seven Sins. Boccardi said he plans to build a resort of the same name in Vegas. "My company has spent millions of dollars developing the plans," he said. "In another year or two, we intend to pull the trigger." (partialdiff)