Duo rejoin Albrecht at IMG


Chris Albrecht is reuniting with some of his old HBO friends at his new company, IMG.

Carmi Zlotnik, former executive vp new-media programming, and John Penney, senior vp ad-supported broadband channels, are coming aboard as head of global media operations and head of global media strategy, respectively. They rejoin Albrecht, the former CEO of HBO who moved on to president of IMG's newly launched entertainment division in September.

"Carmi and John will help lead the way and set new standards for our company," Albrecht said. "With a full slate of offerings and exciting deals in a rapidly evolving space, we are poised to take IMG Media to the next level."

Zlotnik and Penney left HBO just days after Albrecht's ouster in May; they were a part of his team of digital executives. A third, Jim Moloshok, also left and has since resurfaced as executive chairman of GoFish Corp.

Zlotnik and Penney will be charged with bringing together IMG's myriad assets into a cohesive plan for the entertainment unit.

"The way Chris and I broke things up at HBO, he focuses on creative and I focus on business and infrastructure, not leaving the creative too far out of mind," said Zlotnik, a 20-year veteran of HBO. "He has the vision, and my job is to execute."