EXCLUSIVE: Duo Shopping Script About 'Deviant World of Movie Sales' at AFM

Sav Akyuz and Lajaune Lincoln are hoping to find a producer and raise the planned $1.5 million to make 'The One That Got Away.'

The cheek of the Brits. U.K. writing/directing partners Sav Akyuz and Lajaune Lincoln are in the mix at their second AFM, touting the script The One That Got Away, which they co-wrote and will co-direct. It's a tricky proposition here because the cheeky duo are billing it as a razor sharp portrayal of "the deviant world of movie sales."

What better place than the AFM to launch their quest to find a producer and raise the planned $1.5 million budget to make it?

"It's a project that will divide people here I should think," Akyuz said. "Some will find it really funny and get it, others might find it a bit, well, offensive."

Lincoln and Akyuz have poured their experiences of attending the Festival de Cannes and last year's AFM into the bawdy script. Detailing the story of a struggling sales agent and his company Globetron Entertainment, he is, according to the North London pair, "a rogue that's not that loveable" who skips from party to party hoovering up free canapes to feed himself and drinking the champagne supplies dry. "We've all seen those people, haven't we?" asks Lincoln, rhetorically. The pair are meeting with producers and expect results at the beginning of next week as the AFM attendees begin to turn their attention away from finished projects to scripts and pitches.

And don't rule them out as AFM chancers. The duo, who met at film school in 1996, ended up producing and selling their micro-budget 16mm first feature for ancillary distribution both here in the U.S. and in the U.K. after their first trip to AFM last year.

The movie, Other Side of The Game, is to get a multiplatform release and was made for just $30,000. It will be distributed by Indiemoviesonline and is also going out on Blu-ray and DVD via boutique Aussie outfit Dreamscape.

The pair also have Real Eyes in development under their production banner Splitwigs Film Co. Billed as a thriller, the one-sheet pitch concerns a woman on the run after murdering her boyfriend with the victim's brother out to track down the killer.