Duo teams to start Changos Volando

Mexico City shingle has several films in works

MORELIA, Mexico -- Mexican helmer Rigoberto Castaneda and producer Eduardo Rossoff have formed Changos Volando, an upstart Mexico City-based shingle with several features in the works.

Among the projects is "Alegorias" (Allegories), a fantasy film set in a 1947 Mexican underworld. Castaneda, helmer of last year's top Mexican hit, "Kilometer 31," penned the script and will direct. The Tribeca Film Institute recently announced that it is supporting the film with a $20,000 fellowship.

Changos Volando also is planning to make a sequel to "Kilometer 31," the most successful horror picture in the history of Mexican cinema. Castaneda is writing and directing.

Rossoff, who produced and helmed "Ave Maria," will return to the director's chair with the police drama "Asesinato, Amor y Reincarnacion" (Murder, Love & Reincarnation), based on Juan Jose Rodriguez's "Murder in a Chinese Laundry."