Duran Duran Cancels Concert as Nick Rhodes Recovers From Illness

Duran Duran Publicity 2

The group made a last-minute annoucement that it would not perform in Atlantic City on doctor's orders.

The illness of keyboardist Nick Rhodes forced the last-minute cancellation of rock group Duran Duran's concert in Atlantic City, N.J.

The chart-topping 1980s English band has been on the road for nearly two straight years in support of their new album "All You Need Is Now," and the pace has taken its toll on Rhodes.

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The group had been scheduled to play Saturday night at the Revel, Atlantic City's newest casino, which said Rhodes has been sick for a few days and saw a doctor Saturday who advised him not to perform Saturday night. In a news release, Rhodes said doctors told him he could be suffering from exhaustion.

The casino said the band is considering playing the show in the next few days, so fans should hold onto their tickets and wait for an official announcement of a rescheduled date.

"I have struggled through the last few nights, hoping that I could simply work through this," Rhodes said. "But today I felt so unwell, I had to see a doctor. "We absolutely hate to disappoint our incredibly loyal fans and cancel a show at the last minute, but unfortunately the doctor has strongly recommended that this is what we do on this occasion. So it is with enormous regret that we are unable to perform."

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The casino was not informed that the band would be canceling until 7 p.m. Saturday -- after many fans had already arrived with tickets.

The band is best known for their 1980s MTV videos, including "Rio" and "Girls On Film."

The show was to take place at the casino's 5,000-seat Ovation Hall.

Revel opened in April. It featured four concerts by Beyonce at its grand opening over Memorial Day weekend.