Duran Duran Reschedule Canceled U.K. Tour

Duran Duran Publicity 2

British pop royalty back on track after lead singer's vocal problems.

LONDON –Duran Duran, British pop royalty for folks of a certain age, have rescheduled an arena tour for December this year across the U.K. after having to postpone the original due to lead singer Simon Le Bon’s vocal problems.

Le Bon and co. performed at a shindig during this year’s Festival de Cannes and the band was due to kick off a U.K. tour May 18 in the northeast of England. But Le Bon’s vocal issues forced the band off the road at that time.

The show stopper meant the fanfare surrounding the band’s album All You Need Is Now was slightly muted here.

Back in March, Duran Duran performed live at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles to kickoff the second season of Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express.

The concert was live-streamed on YouTube, directed by filmmaker David Lynch.

The band said it has now rescheduled 11 concert dates for December, booked to coincide with the pre-Christmas festivities in the U.K.