Dust settles in 'Watchmen' dispute

Attorneys for Warners, Fox appear in court Friday

Lawyers for both Fox and Warner Bros. announced in federal court Friday morning that the "Watchmen" case had been resolved.

"The matter is fully and finally settled," Fox's attorney Louis A. Karasik said after Judge Gary Feess said he had read a lot about the settlement in the newspapers but noted "there is noting in my docket."

Fox's attorney said that a stipulation for dismissal would be filed later in the day.

Karasik also said Fox thanks "the court for the careful management of the case," the long hours of consideration put into it and for working over the Christmas holiday. (Feess made his ruling that Fox owned distribution rights to the movie on Dec. 24.)

Feess accepted the thank you's, quipping that Warners might not feel the same way, to which Warners attorney Steven Marenberg said: "We also thank you for the time you spent on the case."

Like all good superhero battles, or even Hollywood movies for that matter, the door was left open with a slightly ominous portent that another villain could be lurking around the corner.

"It may be over between the two of you," said Feess, "but who knows what else will show up one day?"

Cue the John Williams music, start prepping the sequel.