Dustin Hoffman: 'Downton Abbey' is Ruining My Sex Life' (Video)

The "Quartet" director guested on the "Tonight Show," where he made several crass jokes.

Dustin Hoffman made an appearance on The Tonight Show on Thursday, for a discussion that ranged from meeting the President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony to how Downton Abbey is ruining his sex life.

The two-time Academy award winner sat down with Jay Leno and wasn’t shy about giving away a few explicit details of his personal life, joking that instead of a romp in the sheets, his wife prefers her computer and episodes of Downton Abbey. “It’s caused a crisis in our sex life,” Hoffman joked, "and it’s about three seasons now that I haven’t had…” he ended, trailing in laughter.

Film Review: 'Quartet'

All joking aside, Hoffman has had an impressive if not unconventional career in Hollywood, something he was recognized for at last month’s Kennedy Center Honors. Hoffman, with 16 of his family members in tow, met with the president and first lady and was introduced by fellow actor and friend Robert DeNiro, who he first met while working as a waiter.

His Kennedy Center Honor isn’t the only awards show buzz the actor turned director is getting this year. Quartet, which marks Hoffman’s first time behind the camera, has already been receiving pleasing reviews from critics and Maggie Smith who plays the new resident and all encompassing diva at a home for retired musicians, was nominated for a Golden Globe at this year’s awards show. 

The Graduate star had a unique way of setting up a clip of the film, regaling Leno in a tale of comedian George Burns and his views on growing older (something about how sex at 90 can be related to shooting pool with a piece rope instead of a hard stick).  “That’s my movie,” he explained. “ My movie is about people getting older but resisting…” Quartet hits theaters this weekend.