Dustin Hoffman: Judi Dench Is a "Scrumptious-Looking Woman"

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The 'Esio Trot' co-stars even made out on 'The Graham Norton Show'

Dustin Hoffman has confessed he has a crush on Esio Trot co-star Judi Dench and would love to make a romantic film with her. 

Speaking at a screening of the BBC adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic in London, the Mirror reported that Hoffman, 77, described Dench, 79, as "a scrumptious-looking woman."

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The Graduate star also said he'd seen all of Dench's early performances online before adding, "I said to Judi, 'If I met you then, I wouldn't have let you get away.' There must be a way to do a love story where we meet in our 20s, but yet we're acting as we are now."

In Esio Trot, Hoffman features as a bachelor in love with his neighbor, played by Dench, who showers all her love on her pet tortoise. Written by Love Actually's Richard Curtis, the 90-minute adaptation of Dahl's beloved children's book will screen on BBC One this Christmas.

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In promoting Esio Trot, Dench and Hoffman also appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where the host used the old ruse of the 'Kiss Cam' to get the stars to lock lips and give audiences a glimpse of what might have been (2.45 minutes in).