Dutch ad revenue skyrockets

Soccer tourney provides TV boost in June

AMSTERDAM -- STER, the body responsible for advertising across Dutch public television channels, said that revenue has rocketed 75% in the first two weeks of June, compared with the same period in 2007.

The sharp uptick is being attributed to the success of the Dutch national soccer team at the Euro 2008 tournament.

Companies are lining up to advertise on the public network, broadcasting all the games live on Nederland 1 and 3. A 30-second advertising spot during a Dutch match costs about 90,000 euros ($139,000).

And theaters in the Netherlands are facing a severe downturn at the boxoffice as the tourney continues.

Exhibition industry body NFC chairman Wilco Wolfers said it is not all about Dutch team's success.

"Soccer always has a big impact on cinema attendance in the Netherlands. Mainly because we also watch, more than other nations, the matches of the other countries," Wolfers said.