Dutch Film Fund board resigns over row


AMSTERDAM -- The failure of the Netherlands' new culture minister, Ronald Plasterk, to reappoint Hans Dijkstal as head of the Dutch Film Fund has led to the resignation of the rest of the fund's board, according to local media reports.

Disagreement between Plasterk and Dijkstal reportedly arose over the structure of one of the fund's initiatives, the Film Subsidy Fund, with the minister opting for a more independent approach in dealing with the complicated system of subsidies.

One of Plasterk's measures has been to install a new body to deal with the subsidy applications. Dijkstal and his four board members had more faith in the existing system.

The Dutch Film Fund has frequently been the object of industry criticism, with "Black Book" producer San Fu Maltha -- speaking as chairman of the producers organization NVS -- stating that the film fund was due for a major change of structure. "There was not enough know-how in the current board," he said.

Plasterk has appointed a temporary board of three members to oversee the fund until the beginning of 2008, when a full restructuring can be finalized.