Dutch Film Fund unveils new initiative


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands -- The Dutch Film Fund on Wednesday unveiled its latest support initiative, aimed at rewarding the most successful producers, directors and screenwriters in the Netherlands over the next four years.

The new budget plan, named "Room For Talent," covering the period 2009-2012, will be the responsibility of Dutch culture minister R. Plasterk.

To support the initiative, the Fund is asking government for an additional subsidy of 3.5 million euros. The Fund also plans to provide greater support for animation and documentaries in the Netherlands.

In order to allocate its cash support, the Fund will experiment with a new ranking system, comparable to the professional tennis league. Producers and directors get points for recent successes, which, in turn, will give them priority for subsidies for new projects.

The Fund also plans to give -- by way of a tighter selection process -- greater financial support for fewer projects. In the feature section, 66% of the budget will be reserved for the twelve best production houses.

On an annual basis the Dutch Film Fund can award 37 million euros for Dutch feature films, an amount that, according to statistics, is still one of the lowest in Western Europe.