Dutch Mullets Conquer German Box Office

Low Land Comedy 'New Kids Turbo' beats 'Rio', 'Red Riding Hood' in German debut.

COLOGNE, Germany - Machine guns, mullets and europop have beat out the best Hollywood had to offer as the Dutch comedy New Kids Turbo shot to the top of the German box office charts, overtaking 20th Century Fox's animated Rio and Catherine Hardwicke's fairy-tale reboot Red Riding Hood.

New Kids Turbo, a sort of Dumb and Dumber in Dutch, follows the adventures of a group of moronic low landers whose lives revolve around cars, automatic weapons and techno music.

New Kids started as an Internet phenomenon before becoming a hit sketch show on Comedy Central in the Netherlands and Germany. Constantin is handling the film in Germany.

You can check out the Dutch trailer to New Kids Turbo here: