DVD, Blu-ray buck recession in Germany

Sales increase year-over-year to 47 million

COLOGNE, Germany -- James Bond provided the German sell-through business with a "Quantum of Solace" in the first half, as DVD and Blu-ray sales bucked the recession, jumping 4% to €572 million ($823 million).

Total unit sales hit 47 million in the first six months of 2009, compared with 44.7 million in first-half 2008 and a new record for the territory.

Good old DVD continues to reign supreme, accounting for €530 million ($762 million) in sales. But the Blu-ray market is gaining ground, with sales of €41 million ($59 million) in Germany in the first half, compared with €13 million during the same period last year.

The rental business seems to have bottomed out, with revenue of €48.7 million ($70 million) in the first half, on par with last year's figures. Top rental title was Ridley Scott's C.I.A. thriller "Body of Lies."