DVR frequency high for 'Practice'


"Private Practice" has something in common with "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip."

TiVo said Thursday that its users are recording "Private Practice" episodes at a higher frequency than any other new show.

The DVR company, though, notes that just because the ABC spinoff of "Grey's Anatomy" is enjoying some immediate popularity doesn't necessarily mean it will have staying power. "Studio 60" was the high-scoring new show on TiVo's list last year, and it ultimately flopped.

TiVo calculated its rankings based on the number of users who set their units for a "season pass," which tells their DVRs to record every episode of a chosen show.

Mostly, TiVo rankings roughly coincide with Nielsen ratings. Therefore, it's no surprise that top-ranked TiVo season pass shows for the week ending Sept. 30 were highly rated Nielsen shows "Grey's Anatomy," "Desperate Housewives," "House," "Lost" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

At No. 18 on TiVo's list, "Private Practice" was not only the top new show but it was miles ahead of runner-up "Bionic Woman," which was No. 43 on the list.

Last year at this time, "Studio 60" was tops at No. 12, though it was overtaken in midseason by a more genuine hit, "Heroes."

TiVo's audience research and measurement GM Todd Juenger said that many TiVo subs are loathe to add a new title to their season pass list without having yet seen the show, which indicates that "Private Practice" and "Bionic Woman" were a couple of well-marketed, highly anticipated shows.

Other new shows scoring well, acording to TiVo, were "Journeyman, "Dirty Sexy Money," "Back to You," "Cane," "Chuck" and Ken Burns' multipart documentary "The War."