Dwayne Johnson Carries the 'SNL' Cast in New Promo

"The Rock" offers his support ahead of his season finale hosting gig.

The cast of Saturday Night Live is really piling on Dwayne Johnson.

In a new promo for this week's season finale, Johnson is escorted onto the iconic stage at Studio 8H by SNL castmember Beck Bennett, carrying the hulking, muscle-bound star on his back. 

"Hey, why am I doing this again," Bennett asked through exasperated grunts. 

"I gotta save my strength for the show, buddy," Johnson answered, noting that he is joining the illustrious "Five Timer's Club" of SNL hosts — a feat also accomplished just last week by Melissa McCarthy.

Bennett finally gave up on hoisting Johnson, seemingly as heavy as his pseudonym "The Rock." The two instead switched places, with Bennett climbing aboard Johnson's broad shoulders, but he wasn't the only one to hitch a ride on the former WWE star.

The rest of the cast formed a human tower atop Johnson, but the Baywatch star was unperturbed, flashing his signature smile as he carried the entire roster of SNL comedians without breaking a sweat. "You see guys, I'm always here for you and I always have your backs," Johnson said.

When Leslie Jones, some 10 castmembers up the chain aboard Johnson's back, asked for a cookie, Johnson obliged and set to moving, effortlessly carrying the burden on his shoulders.

Watch the clip below.

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