Dwayne Johnson Says Anti-Millennial 'Daily Star' Interview "Never Happened"

Dwayne Johnson - Getty - H 2018
Samir Hussein/WireImage

The actor on Friday asserted his "great trust" in millennials in an Instagram post following the publication of a story alleging he called them "generation snowflake."

Dwayne Johnson wants everyone to know that he does not think millennials are the "generation snowflake" as he allegedly claimed in an interview published Friday by the U.K.’s The Daily Star.   

In the interview, the actor criticized the generation as "putting us backwards" and dubbed them the "generation snowflake," which consists of individuals who are always "looking for reasons to be offended." 

"We thankfully now live in a world that has progressed over the last 30 or 40 years. People can be who they want, be with who they want, and live how they want. That can only be a good thing … but generation snowflake or, whatever you want to call them, are actually putting us backwards," Johnson is quoted as saying. 

After facing backlash, the actor took to social media to slam the report, calling the article "100 percent fabricated."

"I can’t believe I have to do this again and set the record straight," Johnson said in a video posted on his Instagram account

"The interview never took place, never happened, never said any of those words. Completely untrue. One hundred percent fabricated," he argued, also expressing that he was "baffled" after reading the article. 

Johnson went on to explain that he has nothing but "great trust and equity" for the generation, and any interview that quotes him as insulting anyone is "not a real D.J. interview."

"I’ve gained such a great trust and equity with all you guys, all around the world over the years, and you know it’s not a real DJ interview if I’m ever insulting a group, a generation or anyone, because that’s not me and it’s not who I am and it’s not what we do," he said.

"So, millennials, it never happened," Johnson specifically addressed to the generation, and also explained that he doesn’t know where the "snowflake generation" term came from. 

"I always encourage empathy. I always encourage growth. Most importantly, I encourage everybody to be exactly who they want to be," he concluded in his post. 

See Johnson's apology, below.