D'Works seated at 'Roundtable'


Resolving a heated bidding war, Brian K. Vaughan has sold his supernatural comedy spec "Roundtable" to DreamWorks for $650,000 against $1 million. Several competing suitors attempted to yank Vaughan's sword out of the rock, including MGM.

Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are producing.

In "Roundtable," Vaughan tries out yet another tweak on the oft-revised King Arthur legend. His spin, more "Ghostbusters" than "Excalibur," revolves around Merlin assembling a bunch of modern-day knights to battle a resurrected ancient evil, only to discover that today's knights are all washed-up athletes, cowardly scientists or Academy Award-winning actors.

CAA-repped Vaughan also will serve as executive producer.

Parkes and MacDonald are producing "The Burning Plain," Guillermo Arriaga's directorial debut, as well as "The Uninvited," a remake of a Korean horror movie. Vertigo Entertainment also is producing the latter.

The red-hot Vaughan, also a writer-producer on ABC's "Lost," recently was hired to adapt Marvel's "Runaways," a comic he co-created. His other comic creations, "Y: The Last Man" and "Ex Machina," are set up at New Line, with Benderspink producing. (partialdiff)