Dygra touts first non-H'wood 3D animation


MADRID -- Spanish animation studio Dygra announced Wednesday it will produce its fourth feature, "Holy Night?" in digital 3D technology, hailed as a first for an animation studio outside Hollywood.

Dygra President Manolo Gomez made the announcement at the company's 20th anniversary celebration, featuring a screening of the trailer of the company's upcoming "Espiritu del Bosque" (Spirit of the Forrest).

According to Gomez, Dygra jumps into the big league by becoming the first animation studio outside Hollywood to own the technology.

"This technology means a huge revolution in cinema, after the appearance of color in the 50s," Gomez said. "The key year for the launch is 2009 and we are going to be there. The added value to a projection in Digtal 3D is that it allows you to live a new experience in cinema, where objects and characters approach your seat, lending the feeling that you can practically touch them."

The move is the latest in a chain of initiatives by the Galicia-based animation house to position itself on the international playing field.

Fantastic Films International signed a distribution agreement with the Spanish animation company in April that sees Fantastic handle worldwide distribution of Dygra's "Bosque," while calling on the two companies to work toward increasing Dygra films' international presence and ensuring Dygra of a regular U.S. distributor.

The deal also foresees a U.S. version of "Espiritu," released with A-list actors lending their voices to the project.