Dylan Farrow Blasts Woody Allen for Undermining Claims With His #MeToo Comments

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Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The embattled filmmaker recently said he should be among those victims in the movement against sexual harassment and assault.

Dylan Farrow on Tuesday responded to the recent comments from Woody Allen in which he said he should be the poster boy for the #MeToo movement.

Speaking with the Argentinian news program Periodismo Para Todos (Journalism for All), the acclaimed, but embattled, director suggested he should be the face of the movement, despite adopted daughter Farrow's claims he sexually abused her.

Farrow very much disagrees.

"All Woody Allen’s recent antics demonstrate his desperation to salvage a now faltering career,” she tweeted. “His true feelings on [Harvey] Weinstein and the #MeToo movement were made evident in his initial reaction and defense.”

She continued, “Everything he says now is nothing more than a PR strategy in an attempt to undermine the credibility of the allegations against him. We are all wiser to that now and know the lengths powerful men will go to in order to demean and silence their victims.”

Farrow has accused Allen of molesting her when she was a child. Allen has always maintained his innocence and said the story of abuse was ingrained in her mind by her mother and his longtime partner, Mia Farrow.

In the wake of #MeToo, multiple stars who have worked with Allen — including Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page and Timothee Chalamet — expressed regret for their association with the filmmaker.

Allen still maintains he is the victim.

"This is something that has been thoroughly looked at 25 years ago by all the authorities and everybody came to the conclusion that it was untrue. And that was the end, and I’ve gone on with my life. For it to come back now, it’s a terrible thing to accuse a person of. I’m a man with a family and my own children," Allen — who shares two teen daughters with his now-wife and Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn — told Periodismo Para Todos. "So of course, it’s upsetting."

Journalist and Allen’s son Ronan Farrow, who recently won a Pulitzer Prize for his work in exposing the alleged sexual abuse committed by Weinstein, has always had his sister’s back. However, their sibling, Moses Farrow, claims the abuse allegations are false.