Preta Road Test: Why I'm Obsessed With Dyson's $399 Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic - Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of Brand

It's that amazing.

The product: When Dyson released its Supersonic; $399, beautyphiles couldn’t wait to get their hands on the first beauty tool that Dyson, known for luxe vacuum cleaners, had ever released. And this holiday season, the dryer is landing on must-have gift lists. Is it magic? Will your hair turn to the sleek, glossy mane you’ve always wished for? I tried it out and these were the results.

The Dyson Supersonic (let's not call it a blow dryer) comes nestled in a coffin-like leather case, and includes a slip-proof mat. It’s easy to turn on and figure out the settings. The first two times drying my hair, I experienced Dolly Parton-like volume. I felt like a coiffed poodle, which is cool, sometimes, but my aesthetic is a bob that moves like French girl-hair.

The pros: If you have busy mornings, which could mean anything from "not being a morning person" (me) to needing to drop off children and make lunches before work — this could be the dryer for you. Using it cut 8-10 minutes off my 20 minutes of styling time, which is important, as I have bleached blonde hair, which takes longer to dry in the first place. “Colored hair is more porous, so it holds on to water,” explains Goodform Salon owner Rebecca Friedman.

The crown of my hair gets particularly dry because of sitting under a heated dryer at the salon. But after using the Dyson, I noticed a complete 180 in how it feels. Another plus is there’s no assaulting blast of heat that burns your forehead. I dread blow-drying my hair for this reason. I'm late for dates, events, you name it, because I can't stand the heat! This dryer is also perfect for young kids because it's not hot to the touch (it uses something called Air Multiplier technology).

The tricks: You will need to adjust the amount of product you use. I found that I needed to use less product to prep. Post-dry, I used the same products. Adjusting your styling method will take some time to figure out as well. This is not like a regular blow dryer and much like how you had to learn to wield the traditional tool, there's a learning curve on this one, too. The design is a like an upside down "L" versus the gun-like design of a regular blow dryer. You use your entire hand to control the Supersonic, versus straining your index finger on a conventional dryer, and it's more lightweight and maneuverable. 

The cons: The price tag. 

The verdict: Purchase. It's worth the investment. This may be the dryer of our dreams, ladies and gentleman.