E. Baldi: The Town's Hottest Top Table

Sean Marc Lee

Tiny Beverly Hills Tuscan restaurant has become town's high-powered lunch spot.

Every restaurant owner should have Edoardo Baldi's problem -- Hollywood's biggest names are fighting for the top table at his Beverly Hills restaurant.

"I'd like to throw Table 1 out the window," Baldi tells this week's issue of The Hollywood Reporter

But that would be a big disappointment for stars like Denzel Washington, Woody Allen and Simon Cowell who are seeking the precious perch to dine on the signature dish of lobster ravioli.

Since the restaurant has relaunched in 2008, it has greatly surpassed its slow start from the original 2006 opening.  Industry shakers who regular the spot include Cameron Diaz, Sumner Redstone, Ron Howard and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Says Irena Medavoy who recently threw a birthday party for her husband Mike: "Everyone is there," she says. "It's the Ma Maison of its time."

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