E!, Style Network get 'Sex and the City'

Parent Comcast nabs rights to all six seasons of HBO series

Carrie Bradshaw and her stylish pals are headed to E! Entertainment Television and, fittingly, the Style Network.

Parent company Comcast Entertainment Group has acquired exclusive basic cable rights to HBO's "Sex and the City," giving both channels rights to all six seasons of the series, which comprises 94 episodes.

The networks, which will start airing the show in January, also get some broadband, wireless and VOD rights.

"'Sex and the City' is an anthem for women today," said Cyndi McClellan, executive vp program strategy and research at CEG. "The series has remained a pop culture phenomenon for over 10 years and still attracts new fans."

Turner-owned TBS previously held rights to the series, airing the show starting in 2004. CEG also already acquired rights from New Line Cinema to the "Sex and the City" movie, which will premiere on E! in July 2012.