E-Tailer Uses 'Dark Knight Rises' Shooting To Sell Kim Kardashian-Inspired Dress

Account posts, deletes and apologizes for message tying trending Aurora, Colo. to a dress inspired by the reality show star.

As far as we can tell, Celebboutique.com is an etail site that sells dresses that Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez would wear, at much lower prices. Colors like chartreuse and fuschia on very tight dresses is what's featured on their home page; they show copies of Kim and JLo's recent looks at much cheaper prices and fabrics. So good taste obviously isn't their selling point. However, they tweeted this morning something so shockingly lowbrow, it needs to be reported. They used the Aurora, Colorado, Dark Knight Rises murders to push a dress that's called Aurora.

Some of response tweets are calling the originators of the Celebboutique tweet "idiots." "clueless" and "classless" - and even a few choice words we can't repeat. No doubt, this is going to make its way around the web pretty fast – and we would not be surprised if this tweeter becomes unemployed fairly soon. Using a tragedy to sell a dress? And using Kim Kardashian's name to do it? This is as bad as it gets. 

Update: the @celebboutique account has posted the following apology tweet.

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