E3 2012: Ellen Page Goes Virtual in PlayStation 3 Game 'Beyond: Two Souls'

Quantic Dream

Developer Quantic Dream is getting full performance capture acting from the star for the supernatural thriller.

Academy Award-nominated actress Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) is going virtual in her latest project. Page will play Jodie Holmes in the new Sony PlayStation 3-exclusive supernatural action game, Beyond: Two Souls from French development studio Quantic Dream.

The game was revealed during Sony Computer Entertainment’s E3 2012 press conference at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Monday night. David Cage, founder of Quantic Dream, showed a clip from the game to a packed house of journalists.

“For the first time ever, players will live the life of a video game character over the course of 15 years,” said Cage. “They will experience her life and help her to become who she is.”

Page’s character Holmes is also unique in that she has a link between our world and the other side. Gamers will learn to harness this power as Holmes does over the course of the game’s epic story.

“We’re striving to create unique moments that players will remember for a long time,” said Cage. “If you make the right decisions, maybe you’ll discover what lies beyond.”

Quantic Dream last released the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain PS3 game for Sony in February 2010. That game employed French actors and performance capture that was conducted in Paris.

For Beyond, the developer has created a brand new game engine and enlisted the talent of a top Hollywood actress to partake in the long journey of bringing a photo-realistic virtual game character to life.