E3: Microsoft Unveils Anticipated Xbox One X Gaming Console

Christian Petersen/Gettyimages
Phil Spencer

Speculations about the mysterious Project Scorpio that Microsoft had teased recently were finally confirmed.

Microsoft held its E3 Xbox briefing on Sunday afternoon at the Galen Center in Los Angeles to announce their new system, the Xbox One X, will be available in stores on Nov. 7 for $499.

Xbox head Phil Spencer welcomed the crowded arena and wasted no time in addressing the biggest rumor circling the company's event — the mysterious Project Scorpio. All was made clear as Spencer announced the Xbox One X, a new, higher-powered version of the Xbox One, which the exec billed as "the most powerful console ever created."

The new system boasts a major boost in processing power and memory, as well as Ultra HD Blu-ray support. The first Ultra HD Blu-ray players have only recently started to enter the market, so this could help give the format a push. As of January, roughly 110 titles had already been released in the UHD Blu-ray format, with upcoming titles including Warner Bros.’ Kong: Skull Island and Fox and DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby. The console will support 4K (four times the resolution of HD), high dynamic range and immersive sound format Dolby Atmos.

Despite the major leap in power, however, Spencer assured the crowd the new One X would be "the smallest Xbox ever."

To show off the new hardware in action, a staggering amount of world-premiere game footage was shown. Forty-two games in total were announced, with 22 exclusive to Xbox.

On towering 4K screens that surrounded the glittering black stage on all sides, audience members were treated to never-before-seen looks at upcoming titles such as Assassin's Creed: Origins, Forza Motorsport 7 and Bioware's Anthem. Forza creative director Dan Greenawalt even introduced the real-life version of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS that wowed the crowd as it was unveiled on a spinning dais. 

Perhaps the biggest applause of the afternoon came when Spencer announced that the Xbox One X would be backwards-compatible with not just Xbox One games and accessories, but also a number of original Xbox games.

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