EA to Host 'Apex Legends' E-Sports Tournament With $500,000 Prize Pool

Apex Legends Squad - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of EA

The company's answer to 'Fortnite' (which held its own inaugural tournament last weekend with a $30 million prize pool) will invite 80 teams from across the world to compete in Krakow, Poland, from Sept. 13-15.

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Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have announced the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, the first organized competition for the Battle Royale shooter, which first launched in February.

Eighty teams from around the world will compete in Krakow, Poland, from Sept. 13-15 for a prize pool totaling $500,000 (a fraction of the $30 million in prizes offered by Epic Games at its inaugural Fortnite World Cup over the weekend). Teams can submit an application to be invited to the event via email.

The competition will follow double-elimination rules with all teams starting in a winners’ bracket, then performance deciding which teams fall to losers’ bracket or are eliminated until the last 20 teams compete in the final match.

"Competition is in the DNA of Apex Legends and this competitive event will showcase the game at its highest-level," said Chad Grenier, design director on Apex Legends at Respawn. "We continue to explore all the entertaining ways both players and spectators can experience Apex Legends and look forward to bringing this event to life."

Elsewhere, Nintendo will be sending four Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players to Las Vegas this weekend to compete at Evo 2019, which begins Friday. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s finals will close the event on Sunday night.

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Soleil "Ewok" Wheeler has become the first female player to join FaZe Clan. The 13-year-old Fortnite player officially joined the team during the Fortnite World Cup, where she competed in the Celebrity Pro-Am with actor and singer Jordan Fisher. Wheeler, who is also the first-ever deaf player to join FaZe Clan, had gained a massive following on Twitch for her Fortnite skills and advocacy for the deaf, which caught FaZe’s attention.

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Martin "Rekkles" Larsson, a longtime competitive League of Legends player in Europe, tallied his 1,500th career kill in a League Euro Championship match over the weekend. The face of League of Legends for esports group Fnatic, Larsson added the milestone to his seven-year career in a match against the Misfits in the LEC Summer Split. He is the all-time leader in kills for the LEC, with the next closest player being retired e-sports athlete Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez at 980.