Early lounge act with an island vibe


Mary Kaye, a Hawaiian guitarist-singer who headed the Mary Kaye Trio and started Las Vegas' 24-hour lounge scene, has died. She was 83.

The accomplished guitarist died Saturday of respiratory and heart failure in Las Vegas.

Kaye, born Mary Kaaihue, was the daughter of Johnny "Ukulele" Kaaihue.

Kaye and her trio, made up of older brother Norman Kaye and Frank Ross, began playing at Las Vegas' Frontier casino and hotel in the 1950s.

Norman Kaye, 84, is the only surviving member of the trio. Ross died in 1995 in California.

The group recorded 13 albums and 21 singles, made 22 appearances on television and played on four movie soundtracks. Its albums included "Night Life" (1966), "Our Hawaii" (1962) and "A Night in Las Vegas" (1952).