'Early Show' will lead in to webcast

Thursday's program centers on personal finance

CBS' "The Early Show" will produce and host a companion live webcast on Thursday 15 minutes after that morning's episode.

The webcast, "Ask It Early," will focus on assisting viewers with personal finance problems. Hosted by "Early Show" anchor Maggie Rodriguez, "Ask It Early" will run for 10-20 minutes starting at 9:15, shortly after "Early Show" concludes its broadcast.

The live show will be centered on answering questions submitted by "Early Show" viewers both before and during the webcast. Rodriquez will be joined by "Early Show" financial contributors Vera Gibbons and Ray Martin.

"Ask It Early" marks the latest in a series of recent ventures by CBS into live Web programming (the show will also be available to Web users on-demand). Just a few weeks ago, CBSNews.com rolled out the weekly politics-themed series "Washington Unplugged."