Will Smith ‘After Earth’ Promo Tour in Taiwan Causes Media Frenzy

Will Smith
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The producer-actor is spending three days in the country with his son and co-star Jaden Smith as part of the film's promotional rollout in Asia.

HONG KONG – Will Smith’s After Earth Asian promotional tour continues today in Taiwan, where the star is scheduled to meet local media and do some meet-and-greets with fans in the capital city of Taipei.

Arriving Thursday evening in Taiwan after a promotional stop in Japan, Smith and his son, actor Jaden Smith, were greeted by ecstatic stargazers at the airport and also at the downtown hotel where they are staying. The father-son duo will next appear at a public event for After Earth at 7pm tonight. The highlight of the event, apart from the Smiths, will reportedly involve the film’s title being lasered onto the 1,600-foot exterior of Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper in the city.

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Speaking to the Taiwanese press, a spokesman for Sony Taiwan – the distributor of After Earth on the island – said Smith has refused offers to enter and leave venues through special exits, and that he requested organizers to lengthen the red carpet to the Friday night event so that he can sign more autographs.

It’s a goodwill move that mirrors Tom Cruise’s visit to Taipei last month, when he drew acclaim from local media for spending two and a half hours signing autographs for fans waiting outside the venue of his press launch for Oblivion.

But Smith has already proved eager to top Cruise in appeasing local fans. He reportedly spent time greeting fans at Songsan airport Thursday night and signed autographs for fans not just on on paper, but also on an American dollar bill.  

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Smith will field questions during an international press conference on Sunday, followed by an appearance at a function organized by the charitable organization, the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, at the Taipei 101, where he will present gifts to 100 underprivileged kids and then join them in a promotional exercise designed to drum up support for the protection of the environment.

Jaden Smith will conclude the pair’s Taiwanese visit on Monday with an appearance alongside the Singaporean-born, Taiwan-based singer Lin Jun Jie to promote his fashion line, MSFTS. The Asian After Earth promo tour will next take the Smiths to South Korea.