East Coast SAG brass: 'We were lied to'


East Coast members of SAG's national leadership board are fuming over what they say were lies told by union president Alan Rosenberg and national executive director Doug Allen about the nature of Monday's rally.

The rally at guild headquarters included AFTRA bashing and calls for AFTRA members to vote down the recently brokered primetime/TV contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers.

A member of SAG's national executive committee who attended a meeting Friday said Allen and Rosenberg had said that the rally would be pro-SAG and nothing more.

"We were told this would be a pro rally for the (SAG) negotiating team," the member said. "Anything that was remotely anti-AFTRA, we were told by Alan Rosenberg and the national executive director, wouldn't happen. We were lied to by both of them."

A source close to negotiations said the East Coast contingency's allegations are inaccurate.

Friday's meeting took place while SAG was awaiting AFTRA's response to a request to delay its ratification vote, the source said, adding that it was made "very clear" that the rally was to support the negotiations. It also was discussed that if AFTRA refused to delay, that could change the tone of the rally.

SAG and AFTRA have Los Angeles membership meetings planned for tonight and Thursday, respectively. (partialdiff)