'The East' Trailer: Anarchists and Eco-Terrorism (Video)

The East

U.S.A. (Director: Zal Batmanglij, Screenwriters: Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling)

An operative for an elite private intelligence firm goes into deep cover to infiltrate a mysterious anarchist collective attacking major corporations.  Bent on apprehending these fugitives, she finds her loyalty tested as her feelings grow for the group's charismatic leader. Cast: Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, Ellen Page, Toby Kebbell, Shiloh Fernandez, Patricia Clarkson.

The thriller, which made its debut at Sundance, is directed by Zal Batmanglij and produced by Ridley Scott.

The ominous trailer for The East has hit the web as the film makes its debut at Sundance. 

The thriller, directed by Zal Batmanglij, stars Brit Marling as an ex-FBI agent who goes undercover with an anarchist group that targets corporations who commit crimes against the environment.


The gritty trailer begins with what looks like an infomercial for a corporation, before the clip suddenly dissolves into chaos. Then a series of environmentally unfriendly practices (pollutants being dumped into water, smoke rising from factory stacks) are shown followed by retaliatory actions by the group. 

"We are The East. We don't care how rich you are, we want all those who are guilty to experience the terror of their crimes," promises the voiceover. "It's easy when it's not your life, easy when it's not your home. But when it's your fault, it shouldn't be so easy to sleep at night."

The film, produced by Ridley Scott, features Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page as members of The East. Watch the trailer below: