Adam Carolla Takes THR’s Taste Test

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images
Adam Carolla

The podcast powerhouse talks goat cheese, peanut butter, lasagna, hummus and more.

Adam Carolla, the former radio personality (Loveline) turned digital dude (his eponymous online Adam Carolla Show), has teamed up yet again with his once-upon-a-time Man Show buddy Jimmy Kimmel to co-host the 11th annual Italian Feast of San Gennaro in Hollywood. The event, which runs from today through Sunday, is an extension of the more than 80-year-old New York City rite of cooking and cultural heritage.

To rev up, Carolla talks about his current fixation on … Hungarian food?


Current Fixation
“I’m always fixated on finding a Hungarian food joint in L.A. There was one on Ventura but it moved to North Hollywood. It strikes me that there are tons of Thai and sushi places but not enough stick-to-your-ribs kinda food places.”

Known For Cooking
“Again, the Hungarian thing. My step-grandfather is Hungarian and passed down some recipes. I just made a big kettle of Chicken Papadakos.”

Destination Dinner
“I love Cut over at the Beverly Wilshire. The food is great but I used to clean the carpets there so it’s nice to come back as a patron. I also have to mention Amalfi. Good chow for the price.”

Go-To Take-Out
“It ends up being P.F. Chang’s. I know it sounds pedestrian but I have kids and everyone’s into it.”

Adventurous Bite
“I once ate one of those See’s Easter eggs that had been sitting behind my friend’s sofa for about a year.  It was half-eaten but I ate it anyway.”

Simply Won’t Eat
“Goat cheese. I was on a flight the other day and they offered goat cheese pizza. That was it for me. I also can’t stand passion fruit iced tea.”

Favorite Snack
“I like hummus, Middle Eastern, pita kinda stuff.”

Dietary Regimen
“I don’t really have one. I allow myself one crappy meal a day. I try not to overdo it too much so one good, hot, greasy meal a day kinda thing.”

Preferred Company
“Gotta put Jimmy Kimmel on that list.”

Pet Peeve
“Chocolate chips in banana bread. And bits of cranberry showing up in everything —oatmeal cookies, salads, oatmeal. I don’t need that.”

Big Wish
“I’m back to getting rid of passion fruit iced tea or any flavored ice tea. All gone, no more.”

Embarrassing Experience
“One time when me and Jimmy Kimmel and our buddy Daniel went to Morton’s Steakhouse, and they do the big presentation with the steak and the lobster, Daniel stole the lobster and hid it.  The waitress was like where’s the lobster.  After 10 minutes he put it back. It wasn’t the most embarrassing but it was the hardest I ever laughed while eating.”

Guilty Pleasure
“I love anything with peanut butter in it. Ice cream, fudge, anything with traces of peanuts. Payday bars, Snickers bars, Reese’s Peanut butter cups. Anything with peanut butter I’m down with.”

Last Meal
“I’d say lasagna. The greasiest, cheesiest lasagna on the planet.”