The Eat Sheet: 'Avengers' Prompts Westside Shawarma Sellouts

The Avengers - film still

Westwood's Sunnin faces the fanboy herd.

A version of this story originally appeared in the Rambling Reporter column of the May 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

Shawarma shout-outs in the box-office shattering The Avengers has apparently prompted a run on the Levantine Arab-style pita sandwiches filled with meat. Since Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark rounded up the rest of the team in a post-credit sequence to chow down on them, Westwood cult favorite shawarma spot Sunnin has reported copycat fanboys fresh out of theatres ordering the dish in droves.

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"We ended up selling out by 7:30 on Saturday evening," says owner George Chammaa. "And we never sell out."