The Eat Sheet: Hot New Restaurant –- Sunny Spot

Art Gray
Photo courtesy of Art Gray

THR's pick of the week for industry power dining.

The Quick Pitch: Zeitgeist-tapping chef Roy Choi -- of Kogi truck and A-Frame fame -- has taken over the former Beechwood space in Venice. He’s begun to reinterpret the flavors of the West Indies amidst a jauntily reconceived, Caribbean-inflected interior by designer Sean Knibb, whose private clients include Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry.

The Insider’s Dish: It’s Choi’s third collaboration, following A-Frame, with restaurateur David Reiss, who first invited the chef to serve his Korean-style Kogi tacos and burritos at Reiss’ bar the Alibi Room early in the truck phenomenon’s run back in February 2009.

The Must-Order Item: The papaya guava salad covered in honey, tarragon, red onion, lime and crushed cashews. It’s a bright, exuberant reprieve from the menu’s mostly heavier offerings, including beer-glazed pork chops, buttered lobster and double-fried jerk chicken wings.

The Best Table: The burlap-enclosed six-seat “Bird Cage” booth in the rear Rum Room. Perfect for groups to enjoy Sunny Spot’s share-centric plates.

The Industry Neighbors: Matthew McConaughey and Robert Downey Jr.’s Venice-based production shingles, as well as special effects house Digital Domain.

822 Washington Blvd., L.A., 310.448.8884,