'Eaten Alive' Man Responds to Critics, Offers to Get Eaten By Another Animal

Eaten Alive - H 2014

"I owe it to the people of planet Earth to get eaten by something, no?"

Many viewers who tuned in to the Discovery Channel on Sunday in the hopes of seeing Paul Rosolie get eaten alive by an anaconda, were sorely disappointed when he did not get devoured.

Rosolie Skyped in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the show, defending himself against PETA's criticism as well as the viewers who feel the show was misleading and pointless. Rosolie says everyone complaining is "missing the whole point" and that the reason he did this in the first place was to call attention to the destruction of the rainforest and the protection of animals.

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Still, when Jimmy Kimmel teased him and eventually asked him to get eaten by an alligator, Rosolie admitted he should probably get "eaten by something" to make it up to the "people of planet Earth." However, sex with a hippo is where he draws the line.

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