eBay U.K., IPO team in piracy drive

Many industry bodies unite to fight counterfeiting

LONDON -- Online trading site eBay U.K. has teamed with the Intellectual Property Office here to battle counterfeiting and piracy on its site.

eBay is corralling the support of rights owners, anti-piracy units and representatives from the music, film and computer games industry, including FACT, the BPI and ELSPA, to work more closely with the site to tackle the counterfeit problem.

The auction site launched a system allowing rights owners to report an item as potentially counterfeit and have eBay remove the listing.

Last year, 2.1 million listings worldwide were removed following reports from rights owners and, in the same year, eBay itself proactively removed a further 2 million listings from its site.

"Counterfeits are a global challenge and we all have a part to play in preventing consumers from being able to purchase them," eBay U.K. special investigator Kevin Morgan said. "We will continue to play our part by working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies and rights owners and we're delighted that the IPO is so committed to working with us to achieve this goal."