'Echoes of War' Clip Reveals Tension-Filled Homecoming for James Badge Dale (Exclusive Video)

The upcoming post-Civil War drama features Dale, Ethan Embry and William Forsythe.

While returning home safe from a war is usually a joyous occasion, family ties are taut with tension in the upcoming period drama Echoes of War. The Civil War drama, which will be released in theaters and on VOD on May 15, follows the struggles of two Texan families after the war leaves them in a state of loss.

Wade Riley (James Badge Dale) returns home to Texas after fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War. During the war, his religious brother-in-law Seamus (Ethan Embry) loses his wife to illness and tries to support his family by trapping animals and selling their pelts. However, neighboring cattle rancher Randolph McCluskey (William Forsythe) loses both his son and his herd during the war. To survive, he begins to steal the Riley family's trappings. Wade seeks revenge and sparks another war on their home turf.

Kane Senes directed the Western thriller and wrote the script with John Chriss. Senes also produced with Chriss, Dave Szamet, Steven J. Berger, Kyle Fischer and J.M.R. Luna. ARC Entertainment is distributing.

In a new clip, debuting exclusively at The Hollywood Reporter, the Riley family, including children Abigail (Maika Monroe) and Sam (Owen Teague), sit down to pray before they eat their supper. Abigail leads the prayer in which she blesses her recently passed mother, Mary. Sam, who seems enthralled by his uncle, adds a prayer for Wade as well. He thanks them for their protection during the war and then adds how he wishes he could now protect them by wringing the necks of the McCluskeys since Seamus’s prayers don’t seem to be making any difference. Seamus snaps into a bout of anger and tells him to stop.

Watch the clip above.